How it Works

To get started, send me email with a short description of your book. It can be a few sentences or a short synopsis, whatever you prefer. I don’t have to read the entire book. Please tell me the title, the author name you would like to use, and any other text you will want on the cover.

You might have an idea of what you want on the cover. If you have an idea, let me know what it is and I will see if I can get images for the cover for free (not always successful since many images are copyrighted or not permitted for commercial use), or by buying stock images. You can take your own photos if you think they would work. You can also search stock image websites yourself, such as and let me know the image number.

If you have no ideas for the cover, I can make up a concept on my own, or else jog your mind for something you’d prefer.

I will send you a draft image for the proposed cover. At this point, you may have some revisions you’d like to see. I will provide as many drafts as it takes until you get the right cover.

When the cover is done, I will send it to you together with any images that you bought, and you can upload it with your book.

I don’t require any crediting. If you want to credit me, add to your acknowledgments: Cover by

Caveat: if you list me as an “illustrator”, I will be your co-author on the title page (it’s happened)!

Also, please add any copyright or attribution that is required for some images. I’ll tell you that info if it’s needed.

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